Buying MPI Salvage – Now on Impact Auctions

As of September 2020 in order to offer a more accessible and tansparent auction process from start to finish, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) is working with Impact Auto Auctions (Impact)to allow customers to view, bid, purchase and pay for MPI Salvage Items online.

With the move to a more accessible online format, MPI will no longer hold in-person salvage auctions. The shift to online-only auctions will make MPI’s processes more cost-effective, and in turn, contribute to overall lower insurance rates for all Manitobans.This new open bidding model will also allow customers to make more informed buying decisions by following along in real-time during auctions as well as using the pre-bid and maximum bid features.

Item listing

Every Thursday, inventory for the following week’s sale will begin to be posted at Items will continue to be added to the listing until the start of the auction. 

A pre-bidding option will be available as soon as an item is added to the auction. 

You will be able to access the auction by clicking on the Auctions drop-down menu at the top of the screen and selecting the Upcoming Auctions. MPI items will be listed under Manitoba.

In-person viewing

For items located at rural storage facilities, you will be able to view these vehicles in person, according to the location’s hours of operation. 

Online auction

Each Wednesday at 9 a.m. a live online auction hosted by Impact with MPI listings will take place at The end time will depend on the number of units featured in each auction. Each vehicle will average a minute of auction time.

Once you are registered and logged in, you will be able to access the auction by clicking on Auctions and then Upcoming Auctions. Under Status, click Join AuctionNow to be able to begin bidding. 

If you have placed the winning bid, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Impact. When logged into your account on, you can also see your winning bids by clicking on your dashboard.

Item pick-up

All vehicles must be towed from their location following the Highway Traffic Act and the Drivers Vehicles Act.

Items located in Winnipeg 

  • Purchased vehicles located at the PDC in Winnipeg will remain within the Salvage Yard until removed by the owner or towing company. Once a vehicle has been paid for, customers or their tower may access the Salvage Yard to retrieve their purchase.
  • Salvage Yard business hours are 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).
  • All items must be removed from MPI premises by 5 p.m. Friday following their purchase. Access will only be permitted within the specified timeframe.

Items located at rural locations 

  • Purchased vehicles located at a rural storage location will remain at their locations until removed by the owner or towing company. 
  • Once a vehicle has been paid for, customers must contact the storage location to arrange a pick-up time. 
  • Storage will be provided for seven days after the completion of the auction. After this period, customers will need to make additional arrangements with the storage locations and customers are responsible for any storage fees incurred.

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